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Regular meetings of the startup community have been organized as part of the Start:up Maribor programme for years now. They're called Start:up Müsli, the name Müsli chosen because the food is made of various components that together form a tasty and healthy dish, much like every successful startup ecosystem consists of various interdependent stakeholders.  
The meetings of the startup community take place, as always, in Maribor's KIBLA on Tuesdays at 19.05 o'clock. There, Maribor's startuppers (hustlers, designers and hackers) gather and exchange knowledge and experience. They’re joined by other stakeholders of the startup ecosystem, such as investors, university researchers, entrepreneurship consultants, development policy makers etc.
Start:up Müsli events have an established format, starting with a short presentation of the central guest – usually an experienced startup entrepreneur or entrepreneurship consultant who presents important content linked to the challenges of startup entrepreneurs launching and growing a company. This is followed by a moderated discussion with other invited guests. People at the event can actively join the discussion. We don't only invite startuppers to Müsli events but also other entrepreneurs, investors and interesting guests from Slovenia and abroad. We conclude the event with networking and a suitable refreshment.
We also film the events and publish edited Müsli clips so that even those who missed the event can see it.
But we would especially like to point out that on Tuesdays before Müslis, technical workshops Start:up Maribor take place at Venture Factory. There, you can deepen specific knowledge of various business, technical or developmental aspects important for a successful launch and growth of your startup company.
The Start:up workshops schedule is published on the link Events.

Startup Müsli #14: Tackling traditional practices with startup marketing

Date: 8.3.2016
Guests: Jure Doler, Dejan Damiš, Jure Zih
Event details

Startup Müsli #13: Challenges of accelerated global growth

Date: 23.2.2016
Guests: Aleš Pustovrh, Sanja Zepan, Živana Žerjal
Event details

Startup Müsli #12: Information is a MEGA business

Date: 26.1.2016
Guests: Milan Gabor, Zedin Salkanovič, Simon Sovič
Podrobnosti o dogodku

Startup Müsli#11: What we did, what we will do

Date: 1.12.2015
Guests: Marko Samec, Taja Benčina, Tadej Gregorčič
Event details

Startup Müsli#10: How to succeed on Kickstarter?

Date: 24.11.2015
Guests: Miha Uhan, Majda Dodevska, Tilen Kegl
Event details

Startup Müsli #9: Global product promotion

Date: 17.11.2015
Guests: Alexander Kopacka, Peter Mesarec, Martin Marzidovšek
Event details


Startup Müsli #8: Discover, convince, sell

Date: 10.11.2015
Guests: Marko Mesarič, Jan Zorec, Tina Kastelic
Event details


Startup Müsli #7: How, when and why search for money with investors? 

Date: 3.11.2015
Guests: Gary Whitehill
Event details


Startup Müsli #6: At the end, perseverance is what matters

Date: 27.10.2015
Guests: Andraž Tori, Zemanta; Damjan Matičič, Koofr; Peter Korun, A.s.K.
Event details

Startup Müsli #5: The ABC of growth in digital media

Date: 20.10.2015
Guests: Dejan Gajšek, Edgar; Nina Leskovar, Lidl Slovenija; Simon Sovič, Edgar
Event details

Startup Müsli #4: Daring and pretty female startuppers

Date: 13.10.2015
Guests: Petra Škarja, 5ra; Taja Benčina, Coinhab; Mateja Verlič, Kendu
Event details

Startup Müsli #3: How to form a winning team?

Date: 6.10.2015
Guests: Andraž Logar, 3fs; Vlada Petrović, Databox; Matevž Petek, Povio
Event details

Startup Müsli #2: The story rocks!

Date: 29.9.2015
Guests: Kristjan Košič, Adora-med; Tine Lugarič, Publicis; Damjan Obal, Edgar
Event details


Startup Müsli #1: Launch stories

Date: 22.9.2015
Guests: Matej Golob, 30lean; Tadej Gregorčič, Motiviti; Tadej Jevševar, Chipolo
Event details




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