Networking of startup company founders 

Within the Start:up Maribor programme, which is meant to strengthen the Maribor startup community, we organize regular monthly meetings, where we wish to connect startup company founders who are members of the Start:up Maribor Founders Club. 

Meeting up in relaxed atmosphere

Every month, we organize a nice, relaxed informal meetup of startup company founders, taking place at a chosen location with nice food.

The idea behind the event is to create an opportunity for meetups, where founders can connect and share experiences, challenges and maybe even receive potential solutions, suggestions and ideas from their colleagues. At the same time, new connections and business opportunities are created. The goal is to also connect through thinking and starting joint initiatives for strengthening the Maribor startup ecosystem, in order to make it an encouraging environment for existing and potential new entrepreneurs.
We start each meeting with a short presentation and sharing of experience by one of the founders, who is also the guest of honour of the meetup, and with a very short presentation of each attendee.

Join the Start:up Maribor Founders Club

Are you a startup* company founder? Join our Start:up Maribor Founders Club. Fill out the form, with which we will check your application and send you a membership confirmation. Club membership is free. 

Entrepreneurs from Maribor as well as all entrepreneurs from other environments, who wish to connect and be active within the Maribor startup community, are welcome to join the Club. Venture Factory members are automatically also club members.
You are invited to join us at upcoming meetings, where you will be surrounded by and connected with similarly-minded colleagues, who face similar challenges in the growth of their own startup.
Check the upcoming meetup dates under Events and register. We are looking forward to your company.  

*What is a startup company? 

It is a team of individuals, within an existing or new company, developing an innovative solution with potential for rapid global growth. In this process, team members put sleep, rest and other valuable things on hold for a while, to chase their desire to touch the sky and make their dreams come true.  


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