Market entrance and promotion

In 15 years, the experienced team of Venture Factory faced more than 500 business ideas and business attempts. With experience and help of current methods (Lean Startup, Design Thinking) we will help you:
  • design the key elements of your business ideas (customer value, target group, sales channels, pricing model, competitive advantage and others),
  • plan the validation of key hypotheses with earlyevangelists,
  • plan and implement effective market entrance and upgrade your business model based on the market reaction,
  • ensure comprehensive promotional support in the stage of planning and implementation.

Business facilities

Nicely arranged business facilities with optical internet and all other necessary infrastructure are the ideal space and environment for launching a startup. In the idea stage, we offer you a workspace in the coworking space, while we offer individual offices to startups. We can be found in the Maribor city center.



We have an experienced team of mentors with 15 years of experience of working with startups. We will help you define the business model, prepare the first prototype and advise you how to get the first customer. The incubator, with mentorship support, is the ideal environment for testing products and solutions.

Education and training

We are preparing specialized workshops that help you acquire skills for growth and development. We teach you the soft skills that are crucial for every entrepreneur.

Grant for development and investment preparation

Because at the beginning, financing development and then growth is a big challenge, we will help you get grants and private financing sources, connecting you with Slovenian and foreign investors. We are also the PODIM Conference organizer, a part of which is the 1:1 Arena where we annually connect startups with Slovenian and international investors such as 500 startups …

Connecting with corporations

We closely collaborate with many Slovenian corporations that wish to collaborate with startups. In the past, we connected them through hackathons and events such as Innovation Jam as well as 1:1 meetings. Partnerships developed from connections include:

Informal meetups

We prepare informal meetups of the startup community, where you can exchange best practices, make new business connections, and create collaborations between startups and other stakeholders from the environment. We simply called them Start:up Müsli


Monitoring and support even after the incubation stage  

Even when your startup grows out of the initial stage of development, market breakthrough and growth, we wish to stand by your side. With external partners and international connections, we help you break onto foreign markets and find bigger investments.



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