Get 54,000 EUR to launch your startup

The P2 grant is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to get their ideas off paper, develop a product and ensure its successful journey towards customers.
  • Do you have an idea for a new product or service and are you interested in getting a 54,000 EUR grant from the Slovene Enterprise Fund*?
  • Do you want the Start:up Maribor team to guide you through the application process with the goal of successfully obtaining the funds?
  • After successfully obtaining the funds, we won’t leave you alone, our mentors and consultant will stand by your side while you implement your idea, but we will also help you with the administrative reports for the Fund if you are selected in the call.
In our 15 years of activities, we’ve helped many and we wish to help you too! See who grew with us!

What are we offering to you?

  • Help defining the fundamental elements of the idea (user, target market, value promise, competitive advantages, competition, business model …), which represent the core of the content part of the call. *
  • Help composing the financial plan in line with call conditions. *
  • An independent expert with a lot of experience with the P2 grant* will review your applications and give you potential suggestions for improvements.
  • In front of a jury and with an internationally renowned expert, we will prepare you for your perfect pitch with which you will convince the jury and gain 35 out of 100 points at the tender.*
  • We will invest at least 50 hours of our time into your story. Our services are free for you, because with them we carry out the basic mission of Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor.
    Have we convinced you to hop on the train and head on a journey towards a 54,000 EUR grant that will give your idea momentum? Register for a series of workshops and personal consultations where we will lead you on your journey of preparing the application, step by step.

Our joint journey doesn’t end here. Check out what else we are offering to you.


How to proceed

We prepared a series of intense workshops where you will be led by an experienced mentor while you put together the application for the call.* 

5 February |  15:45 - 17:30     
Are my status and idea suitable for applying to the P2 grant. Overviewing the call documentation with emphasis on tender* criteria. (Urban Lapajne)
Figuring out the suitability of the development stage/product/legal form for the tender. Analysis of the company and product. Basic conditions for participating in the tender.

12 February  |  15:15 - 18:30
Description of the business model and answers to the key content questions of the tender* (Aleš Zorc)
We will prepare a business model for your product/service and answer all key questions of the content part of the tender. We will lead you through the content part of the application.

13 February  |  13:00 - 16:15
Description of the business model and answers to the key content questions of the tender (fully booked)* (Aleš Zorc)
We will prepare a business model for your product/service and answer all key questions of the content part of the tender. We will lead you through the content part of the application.

19 February | 15:00 - 18:30
Planning and preparing a financial plan for the tender (extra term)*. (Aleš Zorc)
Under the leadership of an experienced accountant and tax consultant, you will work out the financial plan, as demanded by the tender, from rate to rate. We will clear up any confusion from the tender documentation. You will get instructions for filling out the financial part of the application.

5 March |  15:00 - 18:30
Individual polishing of your application* 
You will “polish” the filled out tender documentation together with your assigned mentor, making it suitable for submission to the tender.

13 March  |  15:15 - 18:30
DEMO Day preparation – training for the pitch in front of the jury
Together, we will prepare your pitch for defence in front of the jury.

15 March | Deadline for submitting drafts at: 

18 to 22 March  |  Individually in the morning or afternoon 
Polishing your application at individual 1:1 meetings with an assigned mentor
You will schedule the consultations with your assigned mentor.

Second half of March 2019*
Submitting application into the preselection of Start:up Slovenia
By applying for the preselection, you can obtain 35/100 points.  

Start of April 2019*  |  09:00 - 16:00  (Ljubljana)
DEMO DAY Start:up Slovenia
Dan D. Defending your idea/product in front of the jury.

April 2019*
Workshop for finalizing the application for Slovene Enterprise Fund’s P2 tender
After the DEMO Day, you will have to submit the application for the tender; when applying, you will also state the number of points you reached in pre-selection, if you participated. The workshop will be meant for making the final corrections in the tender application. 

*The date and conditions of the tender aren’t known yet and will be set in the call. All information is based on calls from previous years, so we reserve the right to change the programme.

P2 startup grant and Start:up Slovenia pre-selection 
In the P2 tender, the Slovene Enterprise Fund gives a 54,000 € grant for product development to startup companies with an innovative idea. It’s a grant that is transferred to the entrepreneur in three tranches after a confirmed report on using the eligible costs. The tender will probably be posted in the year 2019 as well. The programme described above is based on the assumption that this year’s tender will be the same as last year’s tender. The P2 grant is connected to the pre-selection of Start:up Slovenia, where the entrepreneurs can gather up to 35 points of 100 possible for applying to the tender. More



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