Connecting innovation teams with digital prototyping experts! 

Innovation Jam Start:up Maribor is an innovative approach to connecting innovation teams of established companies with the best designers and programmers from the startup environment. The purpose is to develop and validate a business model and creating a digital prototype of an innovative product in two days: 
  • on the first day, innovation teams will develop and validate the business model, supported by design thinking experts
  • on the second day, they will be helped by prototype pairs (designer + programmer) to develop a digital prototype, transforming their idea into a digital prototype in two days. 

Companies, this is an opportunity for your teams and their innovative ideas!  

In two days, the teams will, with help of experts, transform their idea into a digital prototype, which they can present to their bossesinvestors and potential customers.

They will:
  • learn how to find the right customers and their pains in practice;
  • The ten most promising innovation teams receive a voucher worth 250 EUR to be spent on online promotion of their services through the network of the online ad agency Adverta;
  • learn how to save development costs with digital prototyping and solution testing;
  • work with professional product planners and designers from the startup environment; 
  • get the opportunity to meet top tech companies from the local environment: 3fs, Povio Labs, Motiviti, Equaleyes Solutions, U-centrix and Inova IT;
  • develop new out-of-the box ideas, new acquaintances and new business opportunities
From amongst all who apply, we will choose ten most promising innovation teams. We are accepting applications until 9 November! 

Designers and programmers, help innovation teams create a digital prototype! 

We are inviting designer and programmer pairs to join innovation teams on Friday, 16 November, after 12 o’clock, and help them create digital prototypes.

Friday afternoon will be an opportunity for: 
  • getting to know established companies from Maribor that can become your customers or business partners,
  • participating in the development of high-impact new products of ambitious teams and 
  • promoting the talent and execution of the Maribor startup community. 
As a thank you for helping innovation team, each pair will get a voucher worth 200 euros for a successfully created digital prototype!

The three best prototype pairs will also be rewarded at the startup social evening on Friday at 19 o’clock in the Vetrinj Mansion. 

Material rights from the digital prototype belong entirely to the innovation teams, which are also the carriers of ideas and projects, while the prototype pairs have moral authorship rights derived from helping the teams. 

From amongst all who apply, we will choose ten pairs. We are accepting applications until 9 November!

15 and 16 November | Venture Factory, Maribo

We’ve already proven that collaboration is worth it 

  • Startups U-centrix and Movalyse started collaboration with Zavarovalnica Sava on pilot projects, 
  • EqualEyes startup established a partnership connection with Nova KBM

Programme of activities 

  • Thursday, 15 November                                                                                      
10.00-11.00 Lecture: Design thinking method in practice – how to transform an idea into a validated concept
11.00-15.00 Interactive workshop: Defining the problem and potential solution, empathically planning the typical customer, and defining a validation prototype
15.00-15.30 Lunch
15.30-17.00 Lecture: Best practice examples of startup MVPs
17.00-18.00 Summary of the day and preparing a prototype for validation
  • Friday, 16 November
10.00-12.00 Preparing innovation teams for a prototype workshop together with mentors 
12.00-13.00 Networking and connecting innovation teams with digital prototypers 
13.00-17.00 Creating a digital prototype by innovation teams, helped by external designers and programmers
17.00-18.00 Summary of the day, presentation of digital prototypes and selection of the best one 
19.00 Evening social event of the Maribor startup community in the Vetrinj Mansion
The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule depending on the final number of participants.

Organizers and partners

Innovation Jam is organized within the Start:up Maribor programme, the leading partner of which is  Tovarna podjemov, business incubator of the University of Maribor.
The Start:up Maribor programme is supported by the Mestna občina Maribor, which has been actively encouraging the development of the Maribor startup community for a number of years. 
The central partner is  Zavarovalnica Sava, which today represents a strong element of regional entrepreneurship and society as such. Zavarovalnica Sava wishes to further strengthen its role in the future, namely with active development and innovation activity, which they wish to carry out in tight collaboration with active ecosystem stakeholders. Zavarovalnica Sava is also providing the prizes for prototype teams at the Innovation Jam. 
The high level of Start:up Maribor programmes is also ensured together with numerous active partners of the business ecosystem, each bringing something to the quality content and implementation of the programme.

Key information

15 and 16 November 2018
Venture Factory, Ulica škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 6, 2000 Maribor
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