Foundation year: 2007
Versor is a high-tech development company located in Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor. It was established in 2007 by Dejan Rojko and Primo┼ż Zajšek, graduates of the Maribor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The company develops electronic components, software applications and housings for an innovative system for managing traffic flows in car parks and city centres.

Due to a number of advantages, this is a system for which the investor gets his investment refunded after a year and half. Using the system in a car park of average size or a garage environment can save up to 65 tons of exhaust emissions in a year. In July 2008 some members of the club Business angels of Slovenia: Poteza Investments, Iskra, BTC and Medis Intago recapitalised the company. The main investor of company is Mr Branko Drobnak, president of the managing committee of Poteza Skupina and initiator of the above mentioned club.
Amongst others, the company Versor is working closely with the facility for the design of advanced manufacturing systems (LANPS) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Maribor. Their vision is to become the leading producer of intelligent systems managing traffic flows.
Image source: DDOT DC via
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