Foundation year: 2010
The company ISACI Ltd. strives to combine environmental awareness and a modern way of living. They realize that environmental awareness isn’t only limited to ecological or energy saving devices in technologies – it is much more important to have an environmentally aware and energy saving user. By combining innovative environment technologies with innovative IT solutions, they have managed to offer the user a solution that ensure the highest quality standard of living and high energy saving.


Company ISACI Ltd. is the main partner of development and production of the innovative electronic system defined under the trademark ECO PROCESSOR®, as well as the entire system with the necessary hardware and PROCESSOR® electronic equipment AI HOUSE®. The electronic system is specialized for creating an optimal HOUSE® living climate, optimising energy consumption and consequently lowering living costs, as well as raising awareness of individuals in high energy saving objects.
The system consists of two components/products:
  • ECO PROCESSOR®: software and support information network (on web and social networks), as well as databases
  • AI HOUSE®: advanced electronic installations with systems of innovative energy consumption meters, sensors of temperature, humidity and CO2, as well as an innovative processor that autonomously senses the needs of the user and adjusts the living comfort accordingly.
The product represents an entirely new generation of house installations. Their main characteristic is a built-in artificial intelligence and the ability to function completely autonomously in the complicated environment of highly energetic efficient objects.
Due to its autonomy and intelligence, the system is designed to give the user a feeling of an ‘alive house’. Interaction with the system takes place via the tablet computer (Android and iOS compatible software). If installed into a wooden prefabricated house, the display on the interface shows a tree as a symbol of living comfort, climate comfort, energy efficiency and a reflection of the decreased carbon footprint of the user.
The image of the tree changes according to the climate conditions inside the house as well as the weather conditions outside. Such a display additionally emphasises the vividness of the house and connection to the energy sources in nature. Through the interface, the user also has available all other crucial information about the functioning of the house system and data on the living climate. The user can access information about critical points of energy losses and receive suggestions and help for optimising the object’s consumption and lowering the energy consumption.

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Business card

Zlatoličje 61A
2205 Starše, Slovenija
T: +386 40 506185, +386 41 402675
Contact: Iztok Petek, Andrej Žižek

Company Isaci Ltd.
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