Foundation year: 2008
The company was founded at the end of 2008 and this year, it has organised itself in a completely new way based on the experiences and business in the past few years. CEO and owner of the company dr. Igor Drstvenšek realized that the company has no chances of quick development and progress without the necessary recapitalisation and reorganisation of the company, namely narrowly orienting the company into the industry of quick manufacture of prototypes with their own equipment. The company has a lot of its own research projects and good connections with various experts. It is also building a new interdisciplinary R&D group.
The company also candidated on the tender of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology: Co-funding starting investments of companies and creating new jobs in the area where the Law of the Development Support to Pomurje Region in the period 2010-2015 is implemented. The company obtained the funds and already opened their business unit in Murska Sobota. Just this year (2012) the company will invest into equipment worth approximately 1.2 million euros. The company also invests heavily into its own young staff, because the management of the company is convinced that only well-educated and motivated employees are the key to success.


The company has their own development of the first Slovenian 3D printer for home use. By using additive technologies, they make products according to their client’s wishes or rather advise and make products with the motto: ‘Customize your world!’ by using state of the art technological possibility.
They make products for personal use, interior design, industrial products and scale modelling.
SOUstvarjalec is the first 3D printer developed and manufactured in Slovenia. The most affordable 3D printers enable quick model and prototype manufacture. Just position the roll with the material, download the wanted file into the supplied software and click Print. You can adjust the printer to your needs, from the accuracy of layers to the speed of production.
SOUstvarjalec is suitable for:
  • Industrial use (making prototypes in product development)
  • Hobby use (making models, missing pieces, etc.)
  • Architecture and design (checking the shapes in the development phase)
  • In education (learning about additive technologies and livening the education process).

Promotional video

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Business card

Obrtna ulica 40
9000 Murska Sobota
T: +386 41 27 95 94

Podjetje Ortotip d.o.o. 
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