Foundation year: 2012
The story of a young successful company begins in Ptuj in 2002, when Davorin Gabrovec started his first business project within the Intera d.o.o. company. Since then, the entrepreneur and his co-founders and co-workers have successfully launched several business ideas, including Flowr – a sort of Facebook for companies. But the biggest success is now on the horizon with the Databox product (today the Databox company).


Databox is a mobile app that allows the management to use their smartphones to monitor the most important key performance indicators in real time, which makes their decision-making easier and faster. Technically we can connect Databox to any web service, database or Excel document. All information is accessible via smartphone at anytime and anywhere. It's also a mobile business solution offering an excellent user experience and the possibility of making key business decisions. The Databox mobile solution is also used by one of the biggest American department stores, Sears, which has a good 29 billion euros of income each year and employs more than 270 thousand people.

Business card

Intelius Ltd.
Osojnikova cesta 3
2250 Ptuj
T: +386 02 779 9 900

Contact: Davorin Gabrovec 

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