september 2019

9. september 2019

avgust 2019

30. avgust 2019
21. avgust 2019

junij 2019

24. junij 2019
To bigger recognizability and sales with influencers
The final Start:up Müsli before the summer has served an interesting topic and great guests, with whom we looked behind the scenes of collaboration with influencers. Sharing their experiences with us were Rok Matjaž, experienced entrepreneur and unforgettable part of the 4FUN d.o.o. team, which developed the app Printee for simply ordering photos from a mobile phone; Urban Cvek, cofounder of the Influee platform for influencer marketing with 5000 influencers from Europe, and Klara Leben, an influencer who is using her Instagram profile In bed with Klara to raise mental health awareness. More...
3. junij 2019
Communication is (nearly) everything
At this Start:up Müsli, we hung out with Mojca Lubanjšek Pehant, owner and co-founder of Retorik, who has spent nearly 20 years helping companies and individuals acquire knowledge from the field of communication. She shared practical advice on how to successfully communicate in business. More...

april 2019

30. april 2019
24. april 2019
The problem with digital transformation? It lies in people, not technology.
Research from McKinsey and Oxford has shown that 6% of companies, including global leaders, are happy with their innovation and 16% are successful with their digital transformation. Other companies are dissatisfied with their innovation performance and face a challenge when it comes to their digital transformation. Do you know why organizations find digital transformation so challenging? More...
18. april 2019
Useful content: an organic way towards bigger sales
This Startup Müsli, taking place in a packed KIB Kibla, was spiced up by two very interesting guests: Teodor Štimec, CEO of Optimium, which is the owner of the online store Optics Trade, and Ciril Komotar, one of the most recognizable vloggers, creating the vlog Komotar Minuta with more than 28 000 subscribers. More...
15. april 2019
The beginnings of new collaborations at the Founders Meetup
The second excellent monthly meetup with company founders, the Start:up Maribor Founders Meetup, is behind us. The host of this meetup was Grega Černelč, cofounder of Eforma d.o.o., who worked together with Martin Pelcl to develop an innovative solution – the online portal Moj Mojster. The meeting took place in a relaxed atmosphere and delicious Vietnamese food in the restaurant Ngon in Maribor. More...
2. april 2019
Digital transformation is not about technology
Are you asking yourself why do some digital transformation efforts succeed and others fail? Most digital technologies provide possibilities for improved efficiency, but if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are not working, digital transformation will not help. More...

marec 2019

30. marec 2019
12. marec 2019
11. marec 2019
4. marec 2019

januar 2019

30. januar 2019
Student years are the most suitable time to open a company
There’s strength in collaboration, so the Faculty of Business and Economics in Maribor and Venture Factory, the business incubator of the University of Maribor, joined forces and prepared an event for first-year students. The goal of the event is to encourage young people towards entrepreneurship, because experience shows that student years are the most suitable time to launch a company. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and it definitely isn’t a spring. But in order for young people to find out whether they’ve got what it takes and what entrepreneurship means in practice, Uroš Orešič, cofounder of U-centrix, shared his story as a successful entrepreneur. More...
16. januar 2019
Six-figure investment for the Maribor-based team
The Maribor-based team of the online portal MojMojster – DaiBau is celebrating the new investment from two international investment funds in the amount of 700,000 euros. The investment will enable further development of online platforms under the umbrella brand DaiBau, and faster expansion in Central and Eastern Europe. More...

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