Winning mind-set

What are the main components of a good story and why do we even need a good and honest story? That’s what we talked about in the afternoon workshop and later on at the meet-up of the startup community.
In his own unique way, Branko Žunec shared the secrets of how winners think. Amongst other things, he reminded us that kids are the ones who persist in their goals and go even further, not giving in. But through the years, they get various fears that later accompany us and limit us when we’re adults. Fear of failure, rejection and a lack of confidence are only some of the feelings we face when we're adults, and we dare to do less because of them. We're afraid to make mistakes ever since we're young, because sadly they especially teach us this in school. It's not good if we get a bad grade, we talk about it then, but a good grade is something that's normal and we don't talk about the win and the success, don't analyse how we got to that.
When we're adults, we often don't dare to take the crucial step. If we don't know what's going to happen, we can think that something bad will. That's not the way winners think.
Branko also warned us that the brain doesn't know the word NO. If we say we should NOT do something, the brain will think about exactly that. This is why the way we communicate and think is important. Even auto-suggestion can be of a lot of help in positive and winning thinking. Through a lot of sports examples, we found out how you have to think and about the importance of the right decisions at the right time.
A winning mind-set means freeing yourself from unimportant fears, thinking about being the first, winning, convincing people and, at the end, selling whatever you’re selling.
The latest research (from 2010) shows that the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind is 5:95, which is why it's important to learn how to use as much of the subconscious as possible. But we also have to be aware that our head is great for creative thinking but not for boring retention. This is why we should write down the ideas and, in the mornings, make a plan for the entire day.
We have to realize that success comes slowly and that persistence is incredibly important. Branko shared the concept of EPNP with us – Expect Progress, Not Perfection. This is why you should divide every vision or goal into different steps and then into small tasks, so that you are able to monitor progress and keep your goals realistic and quickly reachable.

Zvečer pa v Kibli o vztrajnosti, ki je na koncu najpomembnejša

Kibla was filled up nearly to the very last seat. How could it not be, when Urban Lapajne talked to three individuals who embody persistence.
Andraž Tori openly talked about the start of Zemanta’s path and that they had no idea what they were doing. Luckily, they managed not to »completely miss« their product at the right time and succeeded in adjusting the basic idea enough to find buyers and investors. He also added that everything in media and advertising is changing so fast that he can't say for certain that they'll still exist in two years, but he's staying positive with the mentality: »You go and work!«.

Damjan Matičič demonstrated his persistence through the life of the Koofr product and showed that in the life of a startup, a great number of iterations often happens, even when it comes to the business model. In the past few years, Koofr has often searched for the right model that would help them survive. From collaborating with various telecommunications companies to charging private users. In 2013, Koofr became the Start:up of the Year and it's thanks to the team’s persistence that we can still use the product now and will be able to use it in the future.

Peter Korun told us his story. How and why he started creating smart traffic signalization, how he found himself in a meeting with the president of the Russian railways, and how he keeps facing new challenges in project financing but he persists and believes in his product. With it, he wishes to make sure that no one will experience an unnecessary car accident like he did.
Author: Nataša Rus, 28.10.2015
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