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The final Start:up Müsli before the summer has served an interesting topic and great guests, with whom we looked behind the scenes of collaboration with influencers. Sharing their experiences with us were Rok Matjaž, experienced entrepreneur and unforgettable part of the 4FUN d.o.o. team, which developed the app Printee for simply ordering photos from a mobile phone; Urban Cvek, cofounder of the Influee platform for influencer marketing with 5000 influencers from Europe, and Klara Leben, an influencer who is using her Instagram profile In bed with Klara to raise mental health awareness.


You need to find the right influencer
As Rok Matjaž highlighted, not every influencer is suitable for every company. It’s important to find the influencers who address our target group.

Urban Cvek adds that besides the area that an individual influencer covers, it’s also very important to know where the influencers’ followers come from and take this into account when making the choice. “It’s not necessarily so that someone from Slovenia has Slovenian followers.” Urban also recommends collaboration with smaller influencers with a smaller number of followers, so-called micro-influencers, because we can do more with a smaller financial investment. At the same time, he suggests influencer marketing mostly for B2C and not as much for B2B companies, and for target groups of up to 40 years, as there are very few influencers for the target group of 30+.

When choosing influencers, Rok says they face the following challenge: “It is a big problem to find out whether an influencer’s follower base is real or not.” As the guests highlighted, the problem is that many influencers buy their followers. Urban shared the good news that this information can be seen in the Influee platform, which also offers a detailed analysis of the influencers’ profile.

A winning combination of posts and advertising

Collaboration with influencers is bringing very good results to the company 4FUN. As Rok said, they note a 10-times increase of average daily number of orders after an influencer has posted, so collaboration with influencers has become an important marketing channel of the company, but it does take a lot of time. And what works best? Rok says that in their case, what works best is a combination of influencers’ posts and then promoting these posts through their own ads.

Urban adds: “Social media and work with influencers go hand in hand. Only doing Facebook makes sense, but if you connect this with influencers, the effect is a lot bigger. The biggest effect is if you use the influencers’ content in Facebook ads.”

You need to give free reigns to the influencer

The influencer knows their followers best and knows how to address them. That is why it’s important for us to find an influencer who creates content in a way that we like, and then let them have freedom in how they will transfer the message to their followers. Influencer Klara Leben says: “Very detailed, clear instructions are crucial. Instructions in the sense of what is expected, what you wish to see. But it’s also important for me to have free reigns. For the company to hire me because of the content I create.” And adds: “I would only promote what fits with my concept.”

Author: Start:up Maribor , 24.6.2019


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