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This Startup Müsli, taking place in a packed KIB Kibla, was spiced up by two very interesting guests: Teodor Štimec, CEO of Optimium, which is the owner of the online store Optics Trade, and Ciril Komotar, one of the most recognizable vloggers, creating the vlog Komotar Minuta with more than 28 000 subscribers. We talked to them about a very current and interesting topic, about blogging and vlogging, two strong communication tools that can help us build bigger recognizability and a stronger connection with users, and consequently increase sales.

Practice makes perfect
Both guests agreed that it is crucial to start creating a blog or a vlog, and then improve yourself with practice. Teodor Štimec, founder of the online store Optics Trade, on which more than 30 brands of sport optics are available to its users, suggested that we start writing one blog post a day, and after the hundredth post, our writing will be better and people will have noticed us.
It goes the same for vlogging, which is actually video blogging. Ciril Komotar started creating vlogs purely as a hobby, because he enjoyed creating car-related content. His vlogging beginnings started with daily uploads, which he did for 192 days in a row. Then he kicked it into a lower gear and started posting every 2 to 3 days.

He emphasized that until we start working on it, we will not be better. He advised that we need to start practicing in front of the mirror. Even though he already filmed 683 vlogs, he says: “I’m still making mistakes, I’m still repeating myself. I don’t do it all on the first try. Don’t be afraid of failure.” And adds: “Don’t vlog to make money. Vlog about something that is close to you and something you love. You succeed a lot more easily if you do things that are close to your heart.”
A good title, content and flow are crucial
Ciril pointed out that good flow is crucial when vlogging. That is why he gives a lot of attention to it. Even if your content is good, but your flow isn’t the best, it’s difficult to keep the viewer’s attention for more than 30 seconds. Good and watchable content is important, but at the same time, Ciril highlighted the importance of the title, in a blog as well as a vlog: “The title is crucial. The title is half of everything. The first thing you need to do is to attract the person to click.”
Teodor advised that sentences in a blog should be short and concise, and highlighted the importance of content that is tailored to the target group. He says that when preparing content, they are focusing on target groups, look at their problems, and give answers to these problems.

How to use a blog and vlog to get highly ranked in search engines

For an online store, it’s crucial for people to find it as high up in their search engine as possible. In this, a blog and vlog play an important role. As Teodor emphasized, their basic mission is to help people choose sports optics and they are creating all their content in that spirit. They give a lot of emphasis to content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO), because that has proven to be the most effective. They are creating 10 different blogs, but also place video content on their YouTube channel every day.
Teodor shared how they place content: “If someone is looking for a certain product or technology, we first describe that product, technology or brand very well on our website and optimize the website, meaning the online store. Then we make a good video about it, followed by a blog post, and finally a blog post on one of the blogs that we do not promote as ours.”

When asked why they’re creating this much content, he says that this is the way people get to them. Amongst the first ten hits in a browser, users can come across their company in 6 to 8 hits. A high ranking and a lot of content definitely contribute to people tracking them down, getting an answer to their problem from them, and consequently deciding to buy from them.
For a good story, you need to trust the influencer

“I have very clear boundaries about how far I let a manufacturer go. First, they need to trust me completely that I will make good content. We start by coordinating, then I set clear boundaries. Tell me what you want to highlight, then trust me that I will make a good story out of it,” said Ciril when asked about placing products into his vlog. With product placement, he finds it most important that it doesn’t play tricks with people. He needs to be happy with the content, and he wants his followers to get useful information.
But what is Ciril’s advice for companies that are deciding to collaborate with influences? Find out in the statement below.

Are you interested in the entire content of the talk? Listen to the clip below.
Author: Karmen Trs, 18.4.2019


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