The beginnings of new collaborations at the Founders Meetup

The second excellent monthly meetup with company founders, the Start:up Maribor Founders Meetup, is behind us. The host of this meetup was Grega Černelč, cofounder of Eforma d.o.o., who worked together with Martin Pelcl to develop an innovative solution – the online portal Moj Mojster. The meeting took place in a relaxed atmosphere and delicious Vietnamese food in the restaurant Ngon in Maribor, created by Grega Černelč and his partner, Thu Thi Yen Tran.

The Founders Meetup was also very successful because it bore the first fruits of labour. The first new business collaborations between company founders were created. Monthly meetups turned out to be an excellent opportunity for company founders to connect with each other and find new opportunities for the future. When similarly-minded entrepreneurs come together, big things can happen.
At the same time, this meetup confirmed that there is a need for such informal meetings, showing you that as a founder, you are not alone. That you can share your experiences and challenges, help each other, and completely honestly talk to someone who is in the same shoes as you or has already walked the same path. The right advice at the right moment prevents many mistakes and failures. Together, we can do more!
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Watch the meetup highlights in the video below.

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Author: Karmen Trs, 15.4.2019


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