Six-figure investment for the Maribor-based team

The Maribor-based team of the online portal MojMojster – DaiBau is celebrating the new investment from two international investment funds in the amount of 700,000 euros. The funds South Central Ventures and Vito ONE recognized the potential of the company, founded by architects Martin Pelcl and Gregor Černelč in 2014. The investment will enable further development of online platforms under the umbrella brand DaiBau, and faster expansion in Central and Eastern Europe.

The DaiBau team consists of more than 15 members and is present in four countries.

The story of DaiBau started in 2014 in Venture Factory, business incubator of the University of Maribor, which is part of Spirit’s SIO (innovative environment subjects) network. There, Martin Pelcl and Gregor Černelč incubated their company Eforma. More than fifteen team members, with offices in Maribor, Zagreb, Graz and Novi Sad, are now managing four portals under the umbrella brand DaiBau, connecting customers with contracts. Their database already has more than 30,000 contractors. In Slovenia, this is the portal, in Croatia it’s, in Austria it’s, and in Serbia it’s
Architects Martin Pelcl and Gregor Černelč started the business journey of the portal in the year 2014 in Maribor.
The portals and their rich database of contractors are solving problems of building and renovating real estate, while automatic matching of contractors and customers significantly simplifies relationships and communication. The platforms also recommend contractors, architects and other professionals in various fields to individuals and companies. The key advantage is transparency, because every contractor profile also includes reviews, scores and a portfolio of implemented projects.

Since 2017, DaiBau has started focusing on bigger projects, and the platforms in all four countries create connections worth more than 1 million EUR daily. “We have put in four years of growth, solely driven by our own efforts and made DaiBau into a sustainable company. This new investment will support us to expand our team and take on the challenge of growing faster,” says founder and CEO Martin Pelcl.
Portals under the umbrella brand DaiBau have a database of more than 30,000 contractors.

Excellent example that persistence in entrepreneurship pays off
"As some of the biggest potentials coming from the Central and Eastern Europe region, we see that technology companies recognise the gaps in the markets of Western Europe and fill them with resources from other geographies. The DaiBau platform enables a reliable and efficient matchmaking in the construction sector. We're thrilled to join our forces with such a dedicated and professional team, and I believe the results will be significant in the coming years", says Jure Mikuž, Managing Partner of South Central Ventures.

“DaiBau is an excellent example that persistence in entrepreneurship pays off and that success doesn’t come overnight. The entire team has been building the company for several years and found the perfect business model, which can also be mirrored to other markets. The current investment comes at exactly the right moment for quick expansion to markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and we are here to help the team on this journey,” says Vedran Blagus, investment manager at South Central Ventures, who will now also be a board member at DaiBau in the name of the investors. He adds: “I’m looking forward to working with this team, which has a lot of energy and desire to make a big thing in the digitalization of the construction sector.”

Daria Saharova, partner of Vito ONE, explains her reasons why she is joining DaiBau as a board member: “Martin and the rest of the DaiBau team were entirely persuasive. He has the required know-how and already has some major achievements under his belt. The investment will simply allow more, and faster, growth.”

“We live in an era of big changes”
Eforma, as the company was called before the investment, had also received two financial incentives from the Slovene Enterprise Fund in its early stage. The P2 grant for launching innovative companies enabled a good start, while the SK50 convertible loan in the amount of 50 thousand euros enabled the first expansion. “One of the missions of the Slovene Enterprise Fund is to ensure favourable funding for young Slovenian innovative companies. We are happy about every positive story, but we are especially happy if young companies, also without our help, become successful, develop, grow, internationalize and finally also attract other investors,” says Maja Tomanič Vidovič, director of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, and adds: “We live in an era of big changes, an positive changes are created by people with a vision, the right energy and a desire to collaborate. This is also proven by the Maribor-based team of Eforma that, also with help of the P2 grant and SK50 convertible loan from the Slovene Enterprise Fund, succeeded in internationalizing the online portal and convincing international investors to continue the story even further.”

“This isn’t only a stepping stone in the development and growth of the company, but also an incredibly important event for the entire startup ecosystem. The company, which grew from two enthusiasts to 22 employees, is the best proof that business stories can develop and how much can be done with a clear vision and iron will,” says Urban Lapajne, coordinator of the Start:up Maribor programme in Venture Factory. He adds: “For the ecosystem, this is a good example, motivation, and proof of what can be achieved. For Venture Factory and the Start.up Maribor programme, such successes are a confirmation that our services are useful to startups as well as that the support mechanisms are capable of recognizing and supporting good projects. That’s why this is a multi-layered success.”
Author: Start:up Maribor , 16.1.2019


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