Who are your customers and how can you get to know them through digital transformation processes?

There are still companies that see digitalization as an inconvenience. Of course, it demands in-depth deliberation and introducing changes, which means quite a bit of work. On the other hand, the benefits brought by digital transformation definitely outweigh any invested minute. One of the most important positive effects of digitalization is designing the profile of a typical customer. For this purpose, we carried out a workshop on learning about the Digitrans digital model, enabling participants to also sketch out the profile of their typical customer. The workshop was carried out as part of the DIGITRANS project and took place on Thursday, 29 November 2018 at Venture Factory in Maribor.

Digitalization and the profile of a typical customer

One of the most important elements of finding a new digital model is identifying new user groups. Within the DIGITRANS project, where colleagues of Venture Factory also participate, we designed a method for comprehensive and effective development of digital business models together with project partners. The method is called Digitrans and it focuses on learning about customers and understanding their needs and wishes. Through a new digital business model, we can achieve completely new target groups with the same products.


 Do we understand which problems we’re solving?

Urban Lapajne and Aleš Zorc spent a day intensively helping workshop participants in thinking and creating profiles of their typical customers. What do they need, what motivates them, what are their expectations? Participants learned about the simple tool “Persona Canvas”, with which they chose and thought about the typical customer they are looking for. We tried to step into their shoes and understand them as much as possible. Through this tool, entrepreneurs can get the answer about the unsolved problems and needs of their customers, and the expectations they could have for their product. This question can also be used at the earliest stage, when we’re testing whether our service or product has potential.


 To valuable information with indirect questions

As participant Aljaž Vidovič from company Avto d.o.o. said, his biggest realization came when Urban presented the way in which they need to learn about customers. “I was already aware that we need to approach customers and learn whether the thing we are developing is even relevant for them. But I didn’t think that approaching them with the question “would you want to have this” is incorrect. We need to ask them about their working processes and the things they do. From this, we need to glean whether the service we are performing is the right one. So we don’t direct them towards a solution or answers we would wish to receive, but rather let them say it in their own words.”


The workshop took place within the DIGITRANS project, financed by the European Union through the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme 2014 – 2020, supporting small- and medium-sized companies in the development of digital business models.

Author: Start:up Maribor , 10.12.2018


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