How To Identify and Grow Your North Star Metric

23. maj, 2019, at 9:00 /Tovarna podjemov, podjetniški inkubator UM
There’s many metrics you can measure to understand your business. However, there’s one that is most important - the North Star Metric. A North Star Metric is how your business quantifies the value it delivers to your customers. It is a leading indicator of the health of your business. Moving the needle on this metric is how you create an engine of sustainable growth.
This workshop will help you understand what a North Star Metric is and how to identify one for your business. It will also include a hands on exercise that will help you understand how to think about growing your North Star Metric

Key Takeaways

  • What a North Star Metric Is and why it is important.
  • Examples of North Star Metrics from some of the fastest growing companies and why they were chosen
  • A hands on exercise on identifying a North Star Metric and how to think about growing this key number


9:00 - 12:00 How To Identify and Grow Your North Star Metric 


General conditions of registration

The workshop is free, registration is obligatory. You need to fill in the form completely, otherwise we will not consider your registration as valid. If you can’t attend the workshop, you need to de-register at least 24 hours before the event in order to enable other interested individuals to register. If you don’t deregister, we will charge costs in the amount of 20 EUR.

Who is Anuj Adhiya?

Anuj Adhiya is experienced growth marketer. He is professional in extracting growth insights from qualitative and quantitative data, continuousimprovement and community engagement. Anuj is Category Growth Lead at The Predictive Index, talent optimisation platform, used by IBM, VMware, Husquarna. Additionally, he is a Growth Mentor at Seedstars where he is mentoring ventures in developing economies. He is also Marketing Specialist at Harvard Innovation Labs. At both organisations he coaches startups in order to find out their best growth opportunities and manage early growth challenges. Furthermore, Anuj is also an advisor at The mmj.org Initiative and ioVita as well as he is a co-founder at PlanitWide Inc., the company that offersa faster and smarter way to search for the best travel websites, books and apps


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