Business model description and answers to key content questions of the P2 tender, 2nd edition

14. februar, 2019, at 13:00 /Tovarna podjemov, podjetniški inkubator UM
This workshop is the second in a series of workshops that are meant to prepare you and your business story for the P2 tender, which is announced annually by the Slovene Enterprise Fund and enables you to obtain a 54,000 EUR grant for development.

The workshop will focus on preparing the content part of the application. First, we will work out the key elements of your business model and try to find the “sticking points” for a good story. 

The tender encompasses 27 questions that cover the following thematic segments:
1. team,
2. problem,
3. solution, unique value proposition and unfair competitive advantage,
4. customer segments and channels,
5. revenue streams, costs structure and key indicators (this segment usually causes the most difficulties to entrepreneurs, so it will be the subject of a separate workshop held on 19. 2. 2019).

This part of the application also presents the key element of the pre-selection process for preparing for the P2 tender. A good application with a good personal presentation on the DEMO DAY allow you to collect up to 35 possible points, which is more than a third of all the available points, considering the tender in 2018!

Without knowing the questions and the expert methodology on which they are based, it is impossible to prepare a content application.

Why should I join?

We will:
  • explain the methodology on which the content part of the application is based,
  • explain which information you should include in your answers to the individual questions and in what way you should give your answer,
  • explain how the content of the questions and answers is connected to the evaluation criteria, and
  • gain practical advice based on years of experience that will help you write a quality application.


13:00 - 16:00 Business model description and answers to key content questions of the P2 tender / Aleš Zorc 
After the workshop, we can arrange for consultations and help with preparing the content of the tender. We will assign you a mentor and you will schedule individual meetings, at which you’ll polish your application.

You need to register for the workshop. The number of places is limited, so hurry up with your registration.

Who is Aleš Zorc?

Aleš is a business consultant, skilled in solving business challenges of startups in Slovenia and abroad. After finishing his law studies, he specialized for intellectual property and took over a key role in intellectual property management of the University of Maribor, where he led the Office for Knowledge and Technology Transfer. After nearly eight years of working at the University of Maribor and three years of freelancing as a startup lawyer, his love for business modelling and startups led him to join the Venture Factory team. Today, he mentors and advises startup companies when they’re setting up their business models, he solves legal challenges with them and, due to his multidisciplinarity, is one of the most sought-after consultants in the team. And finally … Aleš is an “old hand” in the P2 tender – in 2018, he actively helped eight companies during their application process, and they successfully competed in the tender.
A quick reminder …
Let us invite you to future workshops, where we will prepare you for other parts on the tender. On Tuesday, 19. 2. 2019, you will learn about planning and preparing the financial plan for the tender, which will be led by Simona Horvat, CEO and owner of Evident and experienced accountant. Follow our website and register for the workshop.
Venture Factory, Ulica škofa Maksimilijana Držečnika 6, Maribor, 1st floor

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