Maribor – city of colourful adventures!

Maribor, the second biggest city in the country and Styrian capital, is a cosy, small city spanning from the wonderful nature of Pohorje on one side of the Drava river to the wine-growing hills on the other. Maribor developed from a former industrial centre into an important cultural city on the sunny side of the Alps – after all, it carried the title European capital of culture in 2012.
Up to mid-80s, Maribor was considered to be an advanced and successful industrial city. The economy rested on strong and relatively breakthrough industry and engineering as well as on good trade connections with Eastern and Southern markets. Today, this picture of the economic position of the university city of Maribor and Podravje region is sadly completely different and marked with big economic and social problems. Economic data show that the city and the region have been developmentally stagnating in the past couple of years. The economic structure is unfavourable, as companies don't even reach the Slovenian economic average, which shows bad entrepreneurship activity and innovation ability of the economy. This is also partially connected to the incredibly weak collaboration of the economic sphere and educational and research activity.
It's gratifying to know that we find quite a few dynamic fast-growing and also globally recognizable companies here. The startup scene, where quite a few successful companies are setting a good example, is also developing actively.


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