Start:up Maribor programme 

Start:up Maribor wishes to support ambitious startups that are either already working in the city of Maribor or wish to join Maribor’s startup community. The programme is for everyone developing a new innovative product with growth potential. With the Start:up Maribor programme, we wish to support them in the city of Maribor and help them find a suitable business model, back them up them with infrastructure, offer the best mentors and excellent technical programmes, and open the doors to a partnership with company Večer and other private investors. All this is with the purpose of giving startups an opportunity for growth and breakthrough to global markets.

Start:up Welcome package

Start:up Maribor Welcome Package is for all startuppers from Maribor and other parts of Slovenia and abroad who wish to launch or develop their startup company within the fast-growing Maribor startup community. The package includes free use of the co-working space, free advisory sessions by experienced experts and being part of Maribor’s startup scene

Start:up TOUR

At least 5 startup teams will take part in an intense month-long programme lasting from 25 October to 25 November. The chosen teams will receive support in the form of infrastructure, at least 50 hours of advisory sessions from experienced mentors, and PODIM conference tickets. Not only will they receive free startup advice, benefit from an affordable working space and be able to attend great free events, we also wish to highlight the opportunity for starting a partnership with Večer company. Večer wishes to support the most promising startups and enable them faster product and market development and a more successful market breakthrough
Before applying for the Start:up TOUR, we will help teams get warmed up so that they'll submit a great application by 15 October. We'll warm them up with free personal advisory sessions and Start:up workshops as well as through networking at Start:up Müslis. Attending the workshops and personal advisory sessions is optional but desired.
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We’ll invite the chosen teams to the Kick-off event on 23 October and to the Start:up weekend with the DEMO evening that will take place on 24 and 25 October. At the DEMO evening, the expert committee will choose at least 5 participants for the intense month-long Start:up TOUR.

Start:up workshops 

Technical workshops Start:up Maribor at the Venture Factory offer specific knowledge on the business, technical and developmental aspects important for the successful launch and growth of startup companies. Start:up workshops give you key startup knowledge and connections for successful company development. The programme includes the entire spectrum of the latest knowledge on building start-up companies according to the »Lean Start-up« and »Business Model Generation« methodologies.

Start:up Müsli

Regular meetings of the startup community have been organized as part of the Start:up Maribor programme for years now. They're called Start:up Müsli, the name Müsli chosen because the food is made of various components that together form a tasty and healthy dish, much like every successful startup ecosystem consists of various interdependent stakeholders.

High school student idea incubator

High school student idea incubator is a systematic approach to developing entrepreneurial and self-initiative competencies of high school students. It's a programme adjusted to high school students both didactically and content-wise. The programme motivates them to find problems worth solving and suggest business ideas that could solve them. The workshops encourage students to form teams and participate in the student part of the startup weekend Start-up Maribor. There, they will later on be able to benefit from special free advisory sessions and mentoring services.
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Co-creating national startup programmes 

Venture Factory and its strategic partner, Technology Park Ljubljana, together lead the Start:up Slovenia Initiative, which means that people from Maribor are strongly interwoven into national startup programmes. At the national level, we co-organize various programmes for supporting start-up companies:
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